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Testimonial from Susanna Euston of Susanna Euston Photography

"Thanks very much for your assistance. I’m really impressed with the service of MorePhotos. I haven’t had anything like that with past providers and really appreciate it."

Susanna Euston Photography

Testimonial from Lou and Lea Bedinotti of Bedinotti Photo

"I have been using Morephotos for a number of years now and I would not use any other web site. The ease of using this company’s web design is so easy. When I have a question and call, I would get a representative who answers my questions right away. The ease of changing any information or adding images is so easy. I highly recommend Morephotos for anyone using their web site to get information out to their clients.

Pull up their web site www.morephotos.net and see what easy means."

Lou Bedinotti, owner of Bedinotti Photo

Testimonial from Liz Ordoñez Photography

"Mike Connors has been so generous with me over the years. I must have spoken to him at least a dozen times over the past five years. He goes out of his way to make things right. He is willing to give of his time, ideas and possible solutions to issues other than just his service. Leadership drives the rest of the company. And Mike has a great company."

Liz Ordoñez Photography

Testimonial from Brian Geraths of Prints Charming Photography

"THANK YOU MORE PHOTOS! In a world full of automated replies, I love that there are humans responding to my needs, and fast!. I was in need of my FTP folder access info today, and had two of your support staff call me within 90 seconds of each other to make sure that I was in! Cheers to another 12 years together, the first dozen have been worth every penny!"

Brian Geraths
Prince Charming Photography

Testimonial from Don Anders of Anders Photography

"MorePhotos has been working with me for the last month on a technical problem I was having. They have been great to work with and I highly recommend them. They are a level-headed group with a will and desire to find and fix the problem. I have nothing but confidence in their ability to find the solution to any of my problems!"

Don Anders
Anders Photography

Interview with Steven Lucas of Lucas Photo

JOHN: "Today we are in the studio with Steve Lucas of Steve Lucas Photography of Eden Prairie, Minnesota, and your listening to VTalk Radio’s Photography Spotlight. Welcome to the program, Steve, and can you tell our listening audience how MorePhotos.com has helped your business."

STEVE: They’ve been great. We have a work with them from I think the beginning of when we started digital photography and that’s probably been, I’m thinking, five or six years. We post every image that we photograph onto our website so our clients can view it. It’s very easy to do. They love it. A lot of times, when I’m doing an executive portrait by the time they get back to their office, their image is already online. We also use the sales features for a lot of the groups. We’re doing…I just photographed yesterday, I think it was two choral groups with about 40 kids in each group, and when I post those images online, I will sell right from that website and that has been amazing. It’s so nice to come in the morning and have orders there waiting for you, it collects the information, collects the data and it’s just been a tremendous asset and continues to be.

Lucas Photo