The new MorePhotos has 100’s of features! We strive to have the most advanced system in the world. If you are looking for something in particular, there is a good chance we can do it, just give us a call 231-932-0855!

Do you host my domain name?

Yes, though if you are only using the shopping cart - you do not have to.

Will you host my site designed someplace else?

Yes, but there might be a few exceptions. Give us a call to be sure.

Do I need to have a merchant account (to accept credit cards) for the shopping cart?

Yes, you should, it would make it a lot easier on you. We worked out a deal with one of the biggest merchant companies to waive the monthly fee for all MorePhotos customers. See it here Integrated Business Solutions. Now you can sell away without that annoying merchant monthly fee!

Can I add PDF’s to my website?

Yes, and other types of files too, it is easy!

Can I sell Packages?

Of course, in about any way you want!

Can I offer Discounts and Gift Certificates?

Of course and about any way possible.

Can I offer timed discounts on sales?

Yes, in many ways - ex: 15% discount for orders within the first 3 days and 5% for 3 to 5 days, easy to customize.

Can I put my logo as a water mark on my images?

Yes, with jpeg's or transparent png files.

Does it cost money to move to a different template?

No, you can change anytime.

How do I add SEO to your websites?

We have SEO fields built into the system on every page. Our friendly customer support staff can show you how to fill them out.

I’m a school photographer, can I do a keyword search for each subject?


I love the way Google changes their page for holidays can we do that with MorePhotos websites?

Yes, you can build themes in your admin area that will launch on a certain date, then revert back to the default theme on the date you specify.

What are Archived events?

You can post your event for a certain time period. After that the images are still online, but the customer has to pay a fee to view them. For example: You charge the customer $10.00 to reopen the event and then you could give them a $10 credit if they order within a certain amount of time. You choose your parameters.

You have Coming Soon pages, why?

You can use the coming soon page many ways...

1. Tell visitors the images are not available yet, but they can enter their email address to be notified when the images are posted.
2. You can add a video – to make it personal.
3. You could add a donate button for the bride and groom.
4. Instructions for your visitors, and so on.

Can I add links to all my social media on front page of site?

Yes, you can and should.

Can I add Video to any page?

Yes, you can easily embed videos you have hosted on You Tube or Vimeo.

Can I add music to my site?

Yes, we have royalty free music built in for you.

Does the system collect my emails?

Yes, it can.

Do you have customer cropping?

Yes, this is important when building unique products.

Can I sell Digital prints?

Of course you can!

Can I charge people just to look at my images for an event?

Yes, this idea is new and we are amazed at how well it works. The first photographer we created it for tried it on an under grads event and tripled his income. Call us and we can explain more.

How do you compare to Zenfolio?

They have more of a basic system compared to MorePhotos. Example: We went through their feature requests from their photographers on their site. And out of the top 159 requests they do not have yet:

  • We have 63 of them already
  • Working on 33 more of them
  • And only 53 were not on the list, yet!

How do you compare with Shootproof?

If you are only selling 5x7 – 8x10 and digital down loads – not much difference. If you want to sell more diversified products – there is no comparison, MorePhotos rocks it! Plus we include our amazing websites.

Do you have to use a percentage plan?

No, we offer both percentage and a non-percentage plans. Our classic plan has no percentage rates – and most of our clients do better on this plan, though you must do a little math to know for sure. If you sell over $250.00 a month – percentage plans will cost you more.

Can I change the price on an active event?

Yes you can if you have the need to.

Can I design my own products in my shopping cart?

Yes you can and please do so – this is major strength of this system.

Can I sell double sided cards, framed prints, albums?

Yes to all of this and so much more!

Can I upload large quantities of images easily?


Can I add images to an existing event?


Do I have to show all my events or can I ask for password to view the photos?

You can do either. Your events can be open to any viewer or you can assign a password.

Can I get a custom designed website?

Absolutely! More Photos offers custom designed websites that promote your photography style with class and creativity. Visit our web design page and take a look at some of the custom work that we can offer to you. We want your website to be as personal as your photography. Call us if you would like more information about this.